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"BURY" Maszyny Rolnicze

Our Company was launched in August 1991, in a small town called Urbańszczyzna near Łowicz.
Its founder and owner is Wojciech Bury.

KONDOR powiększ obraz   PELIKAN MAX powiększ obraz

Our machines are appreciated by farmers not only in Poland but also in Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Holland, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Romania, Georgia, Estonia, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary and the Ukraine.

PELIKAN VENTO powiększ obraz

In our offer you will find: crop field sprayers – self-propelled KONDOR, trailed PELIKAN and mounted PERKOZ, equipped with manual or hydraulical spraying boom and air-assisted system, orchard sprayers mounted and trailed WULKAN with the various systems of bleed air and various models of compact disc harrows.

Thanks to creative action of own design office and close cooperation with experts from the Industrial Institute of Agricultural Machinery in Poznań and from the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, BURY Agricultural Machines Company is still developing and producing newer and newer models of machines and introducing the innovative technical solutions.

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AGRO SHOW Bednary 2014

As every year on September the XVI edition of International Agricultur Fairs was held in Bednary (near Poznan). Our company BURY traditionally was present on this event. It has to be said that popularity of this fairs is raising from year to year as among exhibitors and also visitors as well. Total amount of participant this year is 150 thousand people. The visitors had occasion to familiarize oneself with offers of 800 exhibitors from Poland and foreigner countries as Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Austria, China and others. Company Bury this year has represented 25 machines. Among these machines we could see solid modified machines and with new technical solutions which had a huge interest of the visitors and our business partners.

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 You`re invited to AGRO SHOW fair to Bednary district Pobiedziska near Poznań.

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You`re invited to OPOLAGRA Fairs
to Kamień Śląski!!!

Stand G 054

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Unfortunately, at this time we do not have any promotion…

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Firma BURY Maszyny Rolnicze Wojciech Bury realizuje projekt współfinansowany ze środków UE
„Rodzina innowacyjnych tunelowych opryskiwaczy sadowniczych z odzyskiwaniem cieczy użytkowej”.
Nr Projektu: POIR.01.01.01-00-1500/15-01
Całkowity koszt realizacji Projektu wynosi 3.316.056,10 zł
Wartość dofinansowania Projektu wynosi 2.081.840,72 zł

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